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Weekly Washington: Sex, Drugs and Cannibalism!

courtesy of DDOTWoohoo! Roll Call has a great write up of our very own Walking Shtick Tours! Unfortunately, it's behind a pay wall, but if any of you have coughed up the subscription fees, go read it! But a headline that reads "Tour Focuses on Sex, Drugs, and Cannibalism" is exactly the kind of press we're looking for.

So, you go to snap a picture of some building and, all of a sudden, a security guard wanders up and demands you stop, or asks you to delete your pictures, or just inquires why you want to take a picture of the building in the first place. It happens all the time in DC.Well, this week, a Federal government, once again, affirmed that there is nothing wrong with taking pictures of their (our?) buildings. In fact, while we're on the topic, the only folks who can now hassle you about pictures is the Pentagon, especially when you are at the 9/11 Memorial. Other than that, just politely talk to the guard and move on. If you a shutterbug and what to know where you stand legally, print out this handy guide before you come. (DCist)

Two quotes: "Two weeks ago, the big question surrounding Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" was where everyone was going to take a dump" and "'We have our own Porta Potties. We're all good.'" Now, go read the article. (TBD)

Great article about a new take on the old school field trip. Rather than just dump the kids in the American History Museum and hope for the best, a group from the Field School here in DC decided to give them an innovative scavenger hunt for things to look for. I've had several groups do similar things, and I'm always amazed at how focused the kids are and how into it they get.

We've been following the recent launch of Capital Bikeshare (unfortunately acronymized as CaBi). We'll have more on it later, but for know it's a low cost program to rent bikes for transit. Pick up a bike at one on 110 stations, ride it to the station where you're going, and drop it off. Sounds great, except the National Park Service has an interesting legal view that blocks it from Federal lands. Like, you know, most of the things visitors want to see in DC. (TBD, GGW, WCP)

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